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April 2nd Video Chat Link

Reading Scavenger Hunt Answers

Reading Scavenger Hunt Answers

Wednesday, April 1st Assignment

First off guys, I want to say that I am very proud of all the projects that were turned in. All grades have been updated in PowerSchool. If you have not gotten things turned in, please get them turned in as soon as possible.


  1. Read pages 8-12 in the booklet from last week (I am attaching an extra copy just in case)
  2. Complete the attached scavenger hunt in your science notebook. (You can print this out or just write down the information).
  3. Go to the two websites below and look at how Earth has changed over time. – On this site, you can put in your home zip code and see where your house would have been throughout history. – On this site, you need to try and fit the pieces of Pangea together.

That is all for today – Can’t wait to talk to you tomorrow on our Thursday Chat!! 🙂 


3-31 Video Replay and Notes

You can watch the video replay and take notes or you can go through the presentation via nearpod below! 🙂

Fri-Yay Video Re-Play 3-27

Thursday 3.26 Re-Cap Video

Weathering, Erosion and Deposition Game

Weathering, Erosion and Deposition VORTEX


Weathering and Erosion Notes

Wednesday 3/25/2020 Assignment

Task #1:  Take your notes in your notebook or on a sheet of paper that can be glued into your notebook. – Weathering and Erosion Notes
Task #2:  Be sure you have read pages 12-17 and filled in your graphic organizers. I re-emailed everyone my instructions from Friday. (ALSO: I posted a copy of my graphic organizers on if you want to look that).
That is it! 🙂 
Also don’t forget that your 2nd Choice Board will be due on Friday. AND please do not worry about legends of learning – it is not working because of the limited internet connectivity.

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